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Mozotek Cashier system basics

Mozotek Cashier system basics

Account: The administrator account defaults to: Username: 1001, Password: 1234

Table: You can check the availability of the table in the store to help customers accurately book and arrange the meal location.

Ordering: You can check the dishes, order food for the customers and arrange table dining, or use it for ordering, hanging orders, taking orders.

Print: You can query the order information, print the documents required by the front desk, and support the function of the bills.

Running water: According to time, payment method, ordering personnel, vegetable variety, query corresponding income details

Report: query data according to the corresponding conditions, query the sales of dishes

Settings: Set the original data of the restaurant, including the brand, member, menu, system initial settings, etc.

Customer Service: After-sales technical support contact information -400-0646181