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Mozotek Cashier system ordering

Mozotek Cashier system ordering

Log in to the cashier system (username: 1001 password: 1234) Click on the left to order, enter the ordering interface, click on the menu on the right to add the dish to the left order, click on the menu to click multiple times, or click The name of the dish in the left order column is added, reduced and deleted. The order is completed. You can click the order to save the order and print the foreground and background notes.

Problems occur during the ordering process:
1. Half of the meal needs to be suspended, ordering for the next customer? You can click on the pending order. When you need to order the order, click “Receive” in the upper right corner to call up the order, you can continue to operate.
2, the food is wrong, how to delete more?
Click on the left side of the menu name to modify the information, and add, delete, and reduce the operation in the pop-up dialog box.
3, some dishes have been temporarily sold out, can not continue to sell, the system will prompt?
You can select the finished dish and click on “sold out” in the upper right corner. The item is marked as sold out, then the order cannot be added to the order when ordering, and the system prompts the service personnel that the item has been sold out.